My Google Chromecast arrived last night, so I decided to write a quick post showing the unboxing, setup, and some of the features.

Chromecast Unboxing

First, the packaging:

Chrome Cast Unboxing Packaging

Chrome Cast Unboxing Packaging

Its not exactly the same experience you get from opening up an Apple product, but it does feel similar in the minimalistic style. As I expected from the photos online, the Chromecast is like a large thumbdrive that plugs into an HDMI port instead of USB. For reference:

Chrome Cast Unboxing Packaging

Chromecast Setup

After you plug the powered Chromecast into your TV, you are greeted with the following screen that invites you to set up the Chromecast on your phone or laptop. The experience was equally simple on my laptop, phone, and tablet. I factory reset the device after completion to try all three.

chromecast setup screen hdtv


The setup process takes about 5 minutes. To get started, you navigate to the setup URL as prompted above.

setup website google chrome


After you download the App, it will inform you that your network connections will go down for a moment as it connects to the WiFi network provided by the Chromecast. On my iPhone, I had to do this manually. After the setup connects to that network, it allows you to enter your home WiFi information so the Chromecast can join your wireless network.

google chromecast enter wifi info

That’s it, the Chromecast is now setup.

chromecast setup complete


Now all that is left is for you to do is install the Google Cast extension into your Chrome Browser. After that installation is complete you will have a ‘Cast’ Button in your Chrome navigation menu.

chrome cast extension

Now You can click this on any web page and it will be broadcasted to your TV. up on screen

Videos of Chromecast

My favorite feature of Chromecast so far is that browser tab you select to share stays broadcasted on your TV even if you switch tabs. Here is an example:

Netflix and Chromecast works the same way:


I updated my Netflix app on iOS and the Chrome Cast doesnt seem to be supported just yet (7/31/13), but I’m sure that’s just a matter of time.

Take aways

Is the Chromecast a mind blowing piece of technology that no one has ever seen? Not exactly. I’ve been doing something similar with my Apple TV for a few years now. However, at 35$ it is an incredible deal even if you do already have an Apple TV.

And with regards to their tagline “The easiest way to enjoy online video and music on your TV.….”

I’d have to agree.