Streaming Ether

To promote others in creating open data channels, and publishing real time data streams, we have published the code that supports our Streaming Ether Data Channel.

Streaming Ether (SE) provides a comprehensive view of the Ethereum market, without the hassle of writing custom libraries to interact with exchanges. Use this open dataset, which contains Timestamp (exchange / tracker), Price, Bid/Ask, Size, Depth of Market, Volume, and Candles, to test hypotheses about Ethereum, build machine learning models to predict price movements, understand volatility, arbitrage and more. SE enables high-quality cryptocurrency R&D across all major, global exchanges.


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September 5, 2017

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  1. Sergey

    Is it possible to run this script on Windows? How to configure it to get data?
    Sorry, but I know nothing about Python and Satori Open Data.


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