The Spot Exchange

The Spot Exchange

The Spot Exchange  is  a smart, decentralized, blockchain-based marketplace on Hyperledger Fabric hosted on the IBM Z platform. The Spot Exchange enables people to rent physical locations designated for parking traditional and autonomous vehicles. Parking spaces include garages, lots, alleyways, and driveways, which may be located on private residential and commercial property. As a decentralized marketplace, we do not own physical parking spaces, establish asset prices, or set policy. Instead, we serve as the mechanism in which sellers of physical spaces connect with short-term or long-term buyers, and provide an automated service for executing and enforcing contracts. As a smart marketplace, we leverage IBM’s Machine Learning APIs, in conjunction with our unique and comprehensive marketplace data, to build a self-learning ecosystem that automates key components of the buying-selling process, more efficiently connects buyers and sellers, and provides dynamic, real-time price recommendations to sellers.


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October 29, 2017

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